At Westland Farm we have an amazing group of learning partners; our horses, ponies and other animals. They help us to develop and learn new things about ourselves and each other. The sessions are therapeutic, encouraging growth, self-awareness and development. The sessions are also beneficial where there are issues around behaviour or emotional well-being.

Individual sessions are arranged through referral following an initial discussion. Referrals for children and young people are usually received by professionals and/or parents/carers. Sessions are 50 minutes long, with the first session involving an assessment. Subsequent sessions are arranged on a 6 week review basis.

Group sessions vary in format and content as this depends on the needs of the clients/members, and aims and objectives of the group. These vary from children’s groups focusing on building confidence, to young people who have a particular need or issue or goals.

There will be an increasing number of equine assisted Learning and Development opportunities at Westland Farm coming up for individuals, children, young people and families, as well as teams of any kind. Please contact us should you wish to discuss anything that we do or what we may be able to offer at this time.

Watch this space in the near future, and please have a look at our Facebook page for recent developments and events.