At Westland Farm we have an amazing group of learning partners; our horses, ponies and other animals. They help us to develop and learn new things about ourselves and each other. The sessions are therapeutic, encouraging growth, self-awareness and development. 

At the farm we support and facilitate Animal Assisted therapy and Learning. What this means is that we offer sessions and programmes where our animals play a significant part in supporting the process. We see mainly children and young people, with occasional family orientated groups or programmes too. The sessions are structured differently depending on the needs of the clients, and their therapeutic goals.

During the week we have children and young people who attend Animal Assisted Therapeutic Learning (AATL) sessions. These are semi-structured person centred, often practical and task focused sessions. Their aim vary depending on the needs of the individuals or groups, though they are particularly suitable for children and young people who benefit from an alternative to talking therapies, a space to calm and reflect, and a space to bond (groups).  The AATL sessions are also suitable for children and young people with additional or complex needs, and we will be facilitating more groups in the spring (2018 calendar will be published in December 2017), in addition to offering individual sessions. We also do animal therapy programmes that are more targeted, including Siblings Together. Should you be interested in knowing more about what we do at the farm, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We have an increasing number of animal assisted Learning and Development opportunities at Westland Farm for individuals, children, young people and families, as well as teams of any kind. Please contact us should you wish to discuss anything that we do or what we may be able to offer at this time.

Watch this space in the near future, and please have a look at our Facebook page for recent developments and events.


AATL – ‘Animal Assisted Therapeutic Learning’. 

AATL is all about being with animals in a structured therapeutic environment that promotes personal growth, aids recovery, learning and personal progress. Our AATL Sessions are person centred, often practical and active, depending on the needs and goals of the child, young person or family.

To refer or enquire, you can call or email us. We have a  referral form, and we do not currently have a waiting list (Dec17). We have a wealth of experience and will happily talk you through how we facilitate the sessions, how they may benefit particular individuals/how we plan approach. The sessions are 50 minutes and the initial session involves an assessment. Should you have individual requirements or would like to know more information about how we work, please do not hesitate to contact us.