In this Section we will occasionally add updates on the farm and livery side of the activity. Due to confidentiality and the nature of the therapy and learning, we do not publish specific information or pictures involving this activity on our website (unless very specific permission granted).


I cannot believe it has been so many months since we last wrote a little News update!!

So much has happened at the farm, as it always does 🙂

Phil our ‘can do anything maintenance man’ has ensure we have new fencing and gates all over. We had Environmental Health over to visit the farm, which was very helpful in ensuring everything is as it is meant to be.

We have had some really powerful sessions with children and young people, and are always reminded (even though we don’t need to be,) of just how effective our animals are in therapy and learning for children, young people and their families.

We have welcomed new staff and horses, welcomed new fencing, gates, more security lights and mains electric boundaries, we have had many births, including many sleeepless nights waiting for said births!! We have new pens set up for the animal therapy and learning which are working really well, and we have some really amazing feedback from clients, including some of the schools we work closely with.

Mica has been doing an apprenticeship with us for just over half a year, and we are just about to welcome Rosie, another apprentice, to join the team! Just to add to confusion, we now have another Rosie as well as Jenny working on the yard, and looking after the livery side of things. We also had the pleasure of welcoming our Business Admin Julie this summer, who has been an amazing asset in a very short space of time! You can read all about the new staff in the About Us Section.

We are currently working on a short promotional video.. Watch this space!





March 2017

In the last 3 months we have been busy as usual, lots of different activities and as usual lots of fun, despite some very wet and cold days! We have had 7 new goat kids arrive and more piglets. We are also getting ready for our first lambing. All the sheep are in their new birthing pens ready to go. Spring is finally here. We welcomed new liveries, and Antony and Hannah as new staff on the farm!

The small barn  (often referred to as the ‘pony play barn’), has been refurbished a bit and is better insulated. The second hay barn now has a second floor with an ‘inside space’ below for storage and also for sitting under cover. We have also changed the area outside the grass school such as direction of gates and fencing. You may also notice some new posh hay boxes in our fields! There are some new pig pens coming along, and new power points and lights around the farm, which have been handy in the dark evenings!

Exciting times ahead.


December 2016

Brrrrrrrr what a cold month we have had ❄️ but the farm never stops we keep working
even if the whiskers on our noses freeze 🌨the frozen water  troughs haven’t won yet
!!!! Freezing weather !!!!! All of our horses have been wrapped up warm in the nicest
rugs with a nice cup of warm tea and a chocolate digestive to go on the side 🍪the
Tasty carrots to go in our stockings I wonder if we will get a polo too ❄️🌨



October was certainly another busy month for us!

We had quite a few new liveries move in – lovely horses/ponies and people!

We had our October Half Term Mini Show which went very smoothly and was enjoyed by all!

We welcomed 8 new nannies and we will soon be welcoming new baby pygmees!

As usual we had quite a few improvements around the place such as new walls in the stable barn, new water butts around the place, more sections in tack room for grass liveries and so on!

We had a hog roast (or three 🙂 ) – they were lovely!

We held a team away day (see pics), some pony play dates and had lots of lovely helpers over half term!

In November we will be looking for an apprentice to join the team at the farm!


Some images from September 2016 at the farm!

We have some fantastic helpers at the farm – Lots of people came to our ‘painting party’ where we painted the new school. the barn and one of the tack rooms  -Looking good!

On the 7th September – our 1 year anniversary – Lottie was born!!

She was an amazing one year anniversary gift – mum and baby doing very well!

Aug 2016
Progress and Activity at the Farm!

We are extremely excited at the progress and activity at the farm!

2016-08-02 18.26.50

We will very soon have a school!!

We have started clearing the area ready for the building – this is the area where the school is coming soon!

The school will have a rubber surface for all weather/season use, which will be great!

We have a very pregnant pony that is expecting a little one ANY DAY now!

2016-08-16 11.57.59

Rosie came to us ‘looking a little fat’, and no one knew she was pregnant, bought for Annabelle (in the photo) as her new pony.. Turns out Rosie wasn’t fat at all!

We can’t wait for the new foal to arrive 🙂

2016-08-15 14.19.37

We have welcomed Anna back to the farm from her travels – she now works full time on the farm along with Dene.

Anna is basically the main person for all horse care, and Dene is the main person for farm and other animal care!

Anna is very competent and confident with horses, with many many years experience of looking after horses and has worked at previous yards. Anna is also enrolling onto the Level III Equine management as she is aiming for the Coaching Certification, hoping to complete this at the farm – ASAP!

This picture was taken yesterday (15/8) on Anna’s first official day, with Annie, one of our livery ponies – Annie can be found in fat camp on the farm 🙂 – the field with the other natives and small ponies that are on restricted grass!!

2016-08-15 15.51.402016-08-13 13.42.58-1

LEFT – One of our liveries – William, and one of his owners Adrian letting Annabelle have a go at driving! Great fun!

RIGHT – This is a picture of some of the lovely giant horses on the farm enjoying the field we call the ‘kidney field’ – it is a huuuuge field, with an enormous amount of grass – perfect for the giants to gain some padding before winter!


2016-08-13 13.41.25








Mother and son having Pig cuddles 🙂

More arrivals to the pig crew in August! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for more frequent news etc.  HERE

2016-08-13 13.30.27 2016-08-13 13.30.52 2016-08-13 13.31.07 2016-08-13 13.31.21


We currently have A LOT of very lovely piglets!!

2016-07-05 18.57.522016-06-29 17.45.41

Planning Permission!

We were incredibly chuffed with our recent news that we have been granted planning permission for some of the developments on the farm.

The planning permission include change of use to ‘part equestrian’, 16 stables and a riding school.

The riding school will be up before we know it!

We want to say a big thank you to all of those amazing friends, family, neighbours, helpers etc who support us at the farm, and the many who submitted supporting letters – We think there were actually around 50!

We feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing bunch of people at the farm!!!


PS don;t forget to view our Facebook page here

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Westland farm is a welcoming, friendly and tranquil farm. We are passionate about providing a genuine service that will make those who visit or use our services want to come back.

2016-06-19 15.00.57

At Westland farm we have a whole range of animals. We are a working farm with pigs, sheep, goats and a few alpacas! We also have liveries, (stable and grass), and we do equine and animal assisted activity and learning.

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We would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding out more about what we do, and/or to come and visit. We operate throughout the week including weekends, and we are also happy to receive evening calls. Please browse through our website for information about some of the things we offer at the farm!

We hope to welcome you at the farm some time soon!