On the farm we have lots of animals, and regular litters of piglets and kids. 

Here are some of the animals we have on the farm at the moment!

Mangalitsa Pigs

At the farm we breed Mangalitsa pigs. People at the farm call them ‘shigs’ as they look like a cross between sheep and pigs. They’re usually called the ‘Woolly Pig’ and they can also be found in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Switzerland.

They are a fairly primitive breed, lively and friendly, with strong maternal instincts. Litter sizes are currently not large, averaging about 6. We had our first litter of managlitsa pigs in June and we had 5 little ones! They’re quite distinctive as they are stripy when they are little.

The meat is quite unique in flavour and is well marbled, it is tastier and less dry than that from more modern breeds. The fat is also special as it has a higher level of monounsaturated fats, meaning it goes rancid less easily which is good for long curing. It also has a healthier balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids than seed oils which have become so popular in modern cookery.

The Mangalitza is an unusual, very attractive breed, and has a serious contribution to make as a specialist food product.


Craig is our boar and he has fathered several piglets on the farm so far!

Craig is an Oxford Sandy and Black. He is good natured, and fairly docile.

To find out more about the Oxford Sandy and Black breed you can go on the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Society website.


Our Berkshire Sows

About the Breed

The Berskhire Breed actually originated from the Thames Valley, they are a smaller breed who are black in colour. They are ideal for cross breeding for meat – and they are great mothers. If you come to the farm you are likely to spot some of the little ones running around the fields. Our Berkshire sows are also very friendly.

To read more about the Berkshire pigs you can go on to the Berkshire pig breeders club’s website:


Pygmy Goats

We some some very beautiful and cute pygmy goats on the farm, and a very pretty Billy.

We regularly have pygmy goats for sale, please do contact us with any queries.

Dene 07737085003



These are our sheep. We purchased these Hampshire Downs as spring lambs in 2015, and they produced some lovely lambs in 2017, which will be available for sale soon.

You can find out more about Hampshire Downs on their breeding association web page: