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Pony Play is a session for children of different age groups. Some of our visitors are as young as 18 months, and some are 6 or 7 or older. Children come with at least one parent/carer/grandparent etc and often bring siblings and other family members.

During the session the children interact with the ponies and other animals, and they vary slightly each time they come – depending on which animals we have, the weather and the ages and needs of the children.  It is an amazing way for children to increase confidence with animals, express themselves, and gain a whole variety of new skills.

Pony Play aims to:

  • Increase learning and development through interaction
  • Increase confidence, awareness and development of a whole variety of skills
  • Increase social confidence and competence
  • Give children and opportunity to experience a therapeutic relationship with an equine and other animals to support the process of the individual needs (e.g. decreasing anger or anxiety, increase self-esteem)

Examples of Pony Play Sessions

An example of a Pony Play session may be:

Arrive, introduction and Health and Safety/risk assessment/consent process

Intro & Select – Children are supported to select, lead and groom ponies.

Paint the Pony – Children choose colours of their choice, and paint the ponies

Farm walk – Children and their families walk around the farm and meet the other animals

For the slightly longer sessions in the summer holidays we may also have (Pony Play Plus!):

Food/Break – Packed lunch/snack

Group – Children and leaders sit together in group time and talk about choices, activities and children take turn in riding a pony and seeing all the animals on the farm.


Parents/carers must attend with their children – your level of engagement in the sessions will depend on the needs of your child (age, confidence etc.).
And of course – how much you would like to get involved! The activities are fun for all!

Sessions have now been increased to 1 hour 30 minutes!


Sessions are prices at £32.24, and if siblings want to come and help you do not have to pay any extra, however if siblings want their own pony then you pay an extra £25.91  per sibling/pony.

As we became VAT registered (last year) we have added this to the prices, however, we have extended the sessions to ensure value for money 🙂

You can book through the link provided on this page!